Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fighting to become respected

One thing I did in my writing this week is that I re read the whole thing and fixed everything I saw and then I read it again. I choose that idea because that's the way I can see some of the mistakes not all of them. It worked alright I think I got most of the errors and made it make more sense. Next something I will do next is I have no idea. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reflection question for writers blog

Write about a prompt in your writers journal that you really liked. What did you like about it. How would you develop it if you were to revise it into a longer piece.

A prompt that I really liked was the one that we had to do for that test that everyone had to write about. I liked it because it was a story about my family and my dad. I liked that because it was about my family so I knew the story very well so I could kinda play around with what I wrote about and how I wrote it and also how I told it. I liked that I was the one telling the story from my point of view but at the same time I knew how it ended. Something I would do to revise it is make it longer, put some more voice into it and organize it a little better. At some points it kinda went onto a different part of the story before I wanted it too so I could change that. I could change the order of it a little bit. I could have it looked at to make sure all the conventions were correct like spelling and grammar. To make it longer I could add in some specific details and maybe some quotes.